Solarsense bureau provides design, interpretation, education, and other transformative services for museums and their communities
We help museums to work with the community by creating clear, resourceful and meaningful messages.
Exhibitions, educational programs, guided tours, event-marketing — anything that can move your museum closer to your new audiences.
We love creating experimental exhibitions that open museums, their teams, partners and audiences some new horizons and ways of working with heritage. Our interpretation plans are informationally safe and always site specific.
Permanent expositions
We work with communities and target audiences in order to co-create permanent expositions. We develop field for growing involved creators, ambassadors and people who love museum, their city and land more with every event.
Interpretation and storytelling
We believe that the best way to make heritage meaningful is via finding correct format for collective healing perspectives to interpret local meaningful sites, stories, historical events.
Educational experience
We offer a wide range of workshops for museum specialists, volunteers and different audiences.
Event marketing
Unexpected heritage interpretation as an event scenario as a festival or a night of unforgettable content, that creates new visions and options for.
Visual communication
Our design team works with cultural institutions for a lifetime by now and we love creating images that make impact.
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We love travelling but most of us are based in Stokholm (Sweden), Haifa (Israel) and Liverpool (UK)